*What People Are Saying*

“Sam and Amar are professional, impeccable artists and teachers.  AND they’re a blast to be around.  It’s always a great experience!  I look forward to their workshops and events every time!”

-Jenna Harder (Twin Falls, Idaho)

“Together DJ Amar and Calamity Sam are the juggernaut tour de force supernova explosion of awesomeness that should be booked on word tours until they are in their 80’s or beyond…  Truly, the combination of talent and well, just LOVE that they bring to the table is something that should be truly celebrated.”

-Sherri (aka CherChez La Femme)

“What can I say about these two amazing and wonderful beings? Well I’ll tell you. Both of them are talented beyond belief in what they do and share with their audiences and their students. Calamity Sam and Amar are a perfect blend of Yin and Yang and I am grateful to consider them as friends.”

Olu (Los Angeles, CA)

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