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      . . . Upcoming events and news . . .

Hello dear wonderful friends and supporters. I hope you have had a great start to your year. Things are kicking into high gear over here. I haven’t reached out to you in a couple of months, so I will say Happy New Year, to start off. I also want to always remember to thank you for your continued support.

Since I last checked in back in December, i’ve been working on some great things coming up, which will be detailed below. I had a great New Year’s Eve up Portland, where I played at The Beloved Festival’s Inspire Truth NYE event at the Portland Art Museum. Nagasita and members of The Dogon Lights joined me in a tribute set to Cheb i Sabbah. It was an emotional and beautiful experience, to say the least.

Underground Nomads – which many of you know we had started together with Cheb i Sabbah – has really been taking shape, thanks to a bunch of wonderful, amazing people who are part of the crew and come out to support. We closed out the year on our last Tuesday of the year with Maneesh the Twister and myself spinning and an Eclectic Ensemble style improv performance jam. It was our biggest night to date. We weren’t sure if anyone would come since it was Xmas Eve, but the place was packed till closing with a combination of people who weren’t celebrating the holiday and people who came after family festivities. It was a really fun night with great energy. Maneesh and I played till 2:15am. ( See Live Video Feed: Part 1 Part 2 ).

Speaking of Live Video Feeds, Yes, we stream live when we can. So far it has been the DJ sets, but we are working on setting up to stream the performances live as well for folks around the world to see us. We have started an Underground Nomads Support Team fund on GoFundMe, and would love any support you are able to help us out with. Click HERE for Info. and to donate, if you wish and are able to.

Of course, building this new weekly has been taking a lot of energy and time, which is well worth it. But that is just a part of what is going on in our amazing lives which You help to support.

Calamity Sam has been teaching Unmata/Hot Pot I.T.S. classes in the Bay Area and rehearsing like crazy with an amazing team of dancers performing together in Zoe Jakes’ House of Tarot project which will be debuted at Tribal Massive next month (See link above for info) and closing out the weekend at Tribal Fest in May. Following a performance with Unmata and Zoe at the sold out Beats Antique show at the Fillmore in SF, Sam has also joined The Bhoomi Project and will be performing with them at Beats Antique shows in SF (2/21 – Sold Out) and Sacramento (4/2).

Next up on the agenda, one of our favorite community belly dance nights in LA (We stream it live so you can watch if you are far away, but we encourage locals to come to the show)- Eclectic Ensemble. It is more of a house party that we share with the world, where I DJ, mixing live for tag-team improv performances. It is True Improv. The dancers have no idea what I am going to play for them and I have no idea who is going on next. It is a lot of fun for everyone involved – performers and audience alike.

One of the major things I am working on right now is a showcase highlighting San Francisco Tribal and Fusion Belly Dance and the music that has been a part of it, bringing together the pioneers who have taken the dance form to levels unimaginable by many. We are working on the details right now – but you will want to save the date if you are in SF. Some of you from out of town will be here for Rakkasah that weekend, and you will have 2 great late night events on this weekend.

Friday March 14th: Beat Church & Underground Nomads present
Tribal Roots Revival – A night of Global Bass, Tribal and Fusion Belly Dance. Celebrating the past, present and future of ATS, ITS, Tribal Fusion and all forms of Belly Dance.
Music by: HELMSidecar Tommy (Beats Antique), DJ AmarJef StottKitty D & Beat Churchresidents + Special Guests TBA
Performances by: The Dancers of Hahbi’RuFatChanceBellyDance,
UNMATA with Calamity SamJill Parker & The Foxglove Sweethearts and more TBA.
Tickets on sale at midnight Tonight / Monday morning.
– Limited Reserved seating by advance purchase only.
Friday March 14th. 9pm-3am . Performances at 10pm.
F8 . 1192 Folsom St. (@8th), San Francisco, CA
* Check the Facebook Event page for updates and complete lineup announcement later this week *

Saturday March 15th:
Non Stop Bhangra #101
St. Patty’s Day Bhangra Bash with Delhi 2 Dublin
Imagine a scene from a Bollywood movie smack in the middle of a thumping nightclub—swirling colors, the rhythm of pounding feet, and the relentless energy of brilliant beats-that’s Non Stop Bhangra.
Public Works . 161 Eire St. San Francisco, CA . 9pm-3am

If you’re still with me, there’s more below to see below with upcoming festivals and events, Underground Nomads weekly lineups and info. from the Electric Vardo Alumni crew. I will be back in March with updates – and try to keep it more concise.

Once Again, thank you for your support – Amar & Sam, Electric Vardo.


Support Underground Nomads
SF’s new weekly Global Bass Belly Dance Tuesdays at f8 1192 Folsom

We have started a fund for anyone wishing to support us from afar, so we can upgrade our live stream, keep the night growing and support our performers. If you are local, the best way to support us is to come to our shows. Other ways to help us out are to let more people know about our event. Remember, you can watch our live stream from anywhere in the world. We are working on improving the live stream so you can see the performances too. Any support is helpful, whether by donations or spreading the word. If you are not local to SF, do remember us when you visit.

Information about the fund is at our page on the Gofundme site.

February 18: Drumspyder
Nagasita, Danielle Lottridge + Loud Zoo, Larissa Archer, Tatyana

February 25: SEIX, Dulce Vita
Kami Liddle Strange Brew Hafla
Kami Liddle + Students
Gold Star Dance Co.
* EARLY NIGHT * Performances 9:30PM *

March 4: DJ Dragonfly
Celebrating Mardi Gras . Fat Tuesday
Adara Dance Co., Chandala Shiva, Angela

March 11: DJ Amar
FatChanceBellyDance, Wendy Martlatt, Jodi Waseca

March 18: DJ Santero
Azure, Amberetta, Larissa Archer

March 25: Dulce Vita
Marci Ann, Millie Maddox, Jadeera
–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –
Underground Nomads Special Events in April and May:
–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –
April 29 (5th Tuesday):
Benefit Hafla for an Animal Rescue
(Details in next Mailer)

–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –
May 6: Goldrush Bellydance Hafla

–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –
Every Tuesday at F8 . 1192 Folsom, SF
9pm-1am. Performances usually at 10*
(Some night start early)
$5 ($5-10 sliding scale on Special Nights)


Cues & Tattoos 2014, Seattle 3/26-30:
Registration and AfterParty Tickets on Sale

More info. below.

4/20 Weekend Workshops with Unmata
and April Rose in Twin Falls, ID

5 Bad Ass Workshops. HipZotic Belly Dance showcase. Afterparty with DJ Amar.

Tribal Fest 2014 Registration

Tribal Fest AfterParty Tickets

Calamity Sam will be joining Zoe Jakes and The Bhoomi Project on February 21st in SF (sold out) and Sacramento on April 2nd, and as part of The House of Tarot on March 6th in Las Vegas and May 18th at Tribal Fest.

At the end of May, Amar and Sam will be heading down to the central California coast for the Thrive Instructor Competition and show. Amar will be DJing a pre-party on the beach on Friday night and Calamity Sam will be teaching on Sunday. The weekend, in addition to the Instructor Competition, will feature a show and workshops by Amy Sigil, Karin of Mandala, Carolena Nerriccio, Shanti Bardot, Firefly and Calamity Sam.

Upcoming Events with Amar & Sam:

Late March, April, May

Cues & TattoosMarch 26-30, 2014 in Seattle

Amar and Sam will be teaching at Cues & Tattoos and co-hosting the EMERALD VARDO AfterParty featuring an exclusive lineup of dancers, More details to come soon. Workshop registration is now open. Amar is also offering Video services for the festival. Visit the Cues & Tattoos website for video order forms.

The Emerald Vardo 2014 Cues & Tattoos AfterParty will be featured as part of DJ Amar’s Cheb i Sabbah Tribute Tour, joined by Lady Ra and UNMATA.

Electric Vardo Tribal Fest AfterParty
May 16-17, 2014, Sebastopol, CA

AfterParty tix are on sale, with Special Early Bird discounts and bonuses.


Electric Vardo Partners & Alumni:

Dub Mission: Sundays at elbo Room, SF
DJ Sep & residents Maneesh the Twister, Ludichris, Vinnie Esparza and J. Boogie + Special Guests each week.
Weekly Calendar at dubmission.com.

Founding members of Electric Vardo,
Ultra Gypsy’s Jill ParkerRose Harden and Gibson Pearl
teach classes and perform in the bay area.
Click on each of their names for links to their websites.
Rose teaches as part of Strange Brew, along with Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle
and Elizabeth Strong, Wednesdays at the FatChanceBellyDance studio.
Jill teaches at ODC in SF and Spring Fall Studio in Berkeley.

Electric Vardo Alumni partner, Frédérique / The Lady Fred is a worldwide avant-garde theatrically based belly dancer, artist, instructor, pioneer, and creator / director of both: Silent Sirens Theatre™, and the Black Heart Ballads™
Current Class Schedule (See The Lady Fred‘s website for
updates on classes, workshops and events):

Wednesdays: Improv Tribal Style
Level: Beginner 8:15pm – 9:45pm
East Bay Dance Center, Oakland

Electric Vardo Alumni partner, Freyja aka Vanessa Naja, currently offers private and group pilates and belly dance classes in the East Bay, as part of her practice, Holistic Moving. Sam and Amar currently have regular sessions with her and Highly recommend Vanessa

Holistic Moving offers private and group Pilates and Belly Dance classes designed to your individual bodies needs.  Increase strength, flexibility and create graceful and balanced movement through instruction tailored to your needs.  Every body is different, Every body needs a unique program.  Classes are offered in North Oakland/Rockridge.

Sam and Amar are offering design and promotion services to promoters, dancers, musicians, DJs and all in the creative arts business. Current clients include Zulu Tatoo & Zulu Lounge (flyers & brochures), Heather Shoopman (website), G.S. Sachdev (CD & DVD artwork, flyers, posters, business cards & website), BFLA (Flyers & Blog), Fusion Fest (flyers and promotion), Unmata (flyers), Tribal Fest (ads, flyers), Cues & Tattoos (flyers, program). Send us an e-mail for info.

Tribal Tech Support offers Proffesional HD Video, Sound and Lighting services for events. Email Tribal Tech Support for info.

Other things connected to us . . .

Music from Around the World – CDs and DVDs from DJ Amar’s store and personal collection at my Amazon Store.

Classical Indian Music Albums and instructional video
by G.S. Sachdev – Visit gssachdev.com for details.

Authentic loose-leaf chai made fresh to order from a traditional family recipe with a flavor reminiscent of the railway station chai-wallas in India. Available in Traditional Black or Naturally Caffeine Free Rooibos.

Copyright © 2014 DJ Amar & Electric Vardo events, All rights reserved.

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