Electric Vardo December 2013 Update

Content from Monthly Electric Vardo E-mail Newsletter:

Thursday December 5 (Los Angeles, CA): Zulu Lounge
– A Vaudeville Holiday

DJ Amar and Calamity Sam return to their So-Cal residency joined by a smash-bangin lineup of LA’s top dancers, musicians and DJs. This night will showcase a wide range of dance performance styles, with dancefloor music spanning genres and cultures across the globe.

We are back at our wonderful home in Hollywood: The King King, for a holiday spectacular that you will not want to miss. Discover the magic and music of Zulu lounge with resident DJs Amar and Psychotropic rockin the dancefloor with a special ATS and ITS jam on stage leading you into the night after an evening chock full of amazing performances.

A note from Electric Vardo:

Hello and thank you to all of our dear supporters who keep us creating. You are the ones who continue to make it happen.

We are coming out of a whirlwind of a month, with everything from Calamity Sam performing at the Fillmore with Unmata, Zoe and Beats Antique to saying goodbye to a music legend and friend who inspired and was a great influence in Amar’s career as a DJ and music producer – Cheb i Sabbah. We took opportunities to celebrate his life and continue to do so.

December kicks off a Tribute tour to Cheb i Sabbah with a PreParty for the Mystic Island Festival in Santa Cruz and a New Year’s Eve show in Portland. Inspire Truth on New Year’s Eve is an important event and honor for Amar, as he will be playing the set that Cheb i Sabbah was booked to play, as a tribute to him. Continuing into 2014, Amar will be visiting different cities in collaboration with local DJs and dancers who have been close to and influenced greatly by his music. 2014 tour dates will be announced in January.

Sam just wrapped up her Hot Pot I.T.S. sessions for 2013 and will be taking a short break until January … Ok, well, not really a break. While in LA for Zulu Lounge, she will be teaching a workshop in LA, hosted by BFLA. Following that, she will teach a couple of Fusion Belly Dance classes in Oakland before ITS resumes in 2014.

We hope you will join us at some of these events if you are local or if we make it to your town. Remember you can stream the Underground Nomads Tuesdays live from your home if you are far away from us.

Thank you for your support,
DJ Amar & Calamity Sam,
Electric Vardo

Friday December 6 (Los Angeles, CA): BFLA Presents Calamity Sam
Calamitous Combos workshop

LA Belly Dancers: Thanks to Rodin, Shoop and BFLA …
She’s coming back to town! Don’t miss your chance to dance with THE Calamity Sam! Come learn a couple of her favorite combos, and stay after for some ITS jammin’.

Calamity Sam will also be teaching at Cues & Tattoos on Sunday March 30th and performing at the Instructor’s Showcase on Friday March 28th, 2014 in Seattle, WA, and at Fusion Fest in Boise later next summer (dates tba). Other workshops and events in the works. Visit thecalamitysam.com for Sam’s whereabouts and links to register for her workshops.

Tuesdays at F8 – 1192 Folsom, SF (ongoing weekly) – Streaming Live

Underground Nomads continues in honor of our co-founder and resident Cheb i Sabbah. Rotating DJs and dance performances each week, showcasing different music genres with a global vibe. Resident DJs include DJ Sep, Dulce Vita and DJ Amar. Dance performances curated by Gina Grandi.

Underground Nomads Upcoming Weeks:

Dec. 10: Dulce Vita. Dancers FatChanceBellyDance, Amberetta, Millie Maddox, Wendy Martlatt

Dec. 17: DJ Sep. Dancers Angela Eckstrand, Calamity Sam, Amina Zareh, Laura Elizabeth

Dec. 24: DJ Amar. Holiday Open Stage with Guest Dancers performing improv to DJ Amar’s DJ set.

Jan. 05: Bob Duskis (Cheb i Sabbah Tribute Set) Dancers Millie Maddox,Bramani

Saturday December 14th (Santa Cruz): Mystic Island Festival Pre-Party
DJ Amar, joined by Chandala Shiva, will be playing a midnight Cheb i Sabbah tribute set.

Heart Tribe Presents the Mystic Island Festival Pre Party in Santa Cruz. An Ode to Cheb i Sabbah with Dj Amar ft. Belly Dance performances by Chandala Shiva, Mama Crow, Truth Now, Cello Joe, Kundalani Dance Jams w/ Victory Sweet and Mystic Projection, Kundalini Session By Naomi Wilder, Sound Healing, Henna Body Art, Tea Lounge with Ron Jon Terlane.

This most exquisite evening will be a chance to buy discounted Tickets for Mystic Island Festival to be held on Maui Jan 30 through Feb 3. Featuring Yoga Work Shops and Music By Random Rab, Shimshai, The Human Experience, Chris Berry, Kaminanda, David Star Fire, and Many More.

Tuesday December 31 / New Year’s Eve (Portland, OR): Inspire Truth

Cheb i Sabbah Tribute set by DJ Amar, joined by Nagasita.

DJ Amar is honored to play a set to represent, celebrate and honor Cheb i Sabbah‘s music, as he will be performing in his place during the timeslot that Chebiji was booked to play at this Beloved Festival’s New Year’s Eve event at the Portland Art Museum.

Amar will be joined by one of Chebiji’s favorite dancers in Portland, Nagasita. weaving the Outernational sounds from years past during their days spinning at Cheb i Sabbah’s legendary Nickies Tuesdays into the latest rhythms from nights they played together earlier this year at their new Underground Nomads Tuesday reincarnation.

Bay Area UNMATA / Hot Pot I.T.S. classes with Calamity Sam

Calamity Sam is the Official Bay Area Hot Pot instructor, teaching level 1UNMATA I.T.S. in the East Bay. Level 2, and classes in SF coming soon.
Monday nights at Ellen Webb Studio in Emeryville, CA.
Level 1: 8:15-9:45pm. Level 2 coming soon.

DJ Amar’s Facebook Page .Electric Vardo Facebook Page


Sunday December 8
(San Francisco):

New Delhi Restaurant and
Compassionate Chefs Cafe
Bollywood Dance Party

Electric Vardo and Non Stop Bhangra have been a part of Compassionate Chefs Cafe with New Delhi Restaurant Chef and founder Ranjan Dey, since he started the organization a few years ago. CCC is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization with one goal: To help children locally and globally. We help the Tenderloin After School Program (TASP) and Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India to uplift the lives of young children in need of assistance. This project is to complete the full circle of the Ekatva journey. Our goal is to take 16 kids and five chaperons from TASP to visit the kids of Ekatva at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India in 2015-2016. Compassionate Chefs Cafe has already raised $20,000 towards this project. Our goal is to raise $60,000 this year. With your support and generous donation we will reach much closer to the goal. We are in constant touch with Nimo from Ekatva to help create an organic process to this journey. The main idea is to create a greater good objective of the spirit of Global citizenship through a dance-drama program. This will start locally first and grow into a city and state wide effort culminating into a trip to visit our brothers and sisters across the ocean in Gandhi Ashram. The essence of this project is following the foot steps of Ekatva with guidance from Nimo through Laura, the Program Director of Tenderloin After School Program. Sunday evening will include a feast at New Delhi Restaurant, 160 Ellis St. in San Francisco, with live entertainment featuring DJ Jimmy Love and Dholrhythms Dance Co. Click on the image above for more information about the event and CCC.

Cues & Tattoos 2014, Seattle: Festival Registration and AfterParty Tickets on Sale

Tribal Fest 2014 Registration

Tribal Fest AfterParty Tickets

Electric Vardo Partners & Alumni

Dub Mission
Sundays at elbo Room, SF

DJ Sep & residents Maneesh the Twister, Ludichris, Vinnie Esparza and J. Boogie + Special Guests each week.
Weekly Calendar at dubmission.com.

Founding members of Electric Vardo, Ultra Gypsy’s Jill Parker,Rose Harden and Gibson Pearlteach classes and perform in the bay area. Click on each of their names for links to their websites. Rose teaches as part of Strange Brew, along with Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle and Elizabeth Strong, Wednesdays at the FatChanceBellyDance studio. Jill teaches at ODC in SF and Spring Fall Studio in Berkeley.

Electric Vardo Alumni partner, Frédérique / The Lady Fred is a worldwide avant-garde theatrically based belly dancer, artist, instructor, pioneer, and creator / director of both: Silent Sirens Theatre™, and the Black Heart Ballads™

Current Class Schedule (See The Lady Fred‘s website for updates on classes, workshops and events):

Wednesdays: Improv Tribal Style
Level: Beginner 8:15pm – 9:45pm
East Bay Dance Center, Oakland

Electric Vardo Alumni partner,Freyja aka Vanessa Naja, currently offers private and group pilates and belly dance classes in the East Bay, as part of her practice, Holistic Moving. Sam and Amar currently have regular sessions with her and Highly recommend Vanessa

Holistic Moving offers private and group Pilates and Belly Dance classes designed to your individual bodies needs.  Increase strength, flexibility and create graceful and balanced movement through instruction tailored to your needs.  Every body is different, Every body needs a unique program.  Classes are offered in North Oakland/Rockridge.

Visit Calamity Sam’s Calamitous Costuming Etsy store for some awesome head pieces, necklaces and more – all made by her.

Sam and Amar are offering design and promotion services to promoters, dancers, musicians, DJs and all in the creative arts business. Current clients include Zulu Tatoo & Zulu Lounge (flyers & brochures), Heather Shoopman (website), G.S. Sachdev (CD & DVD artwork, flyers, posters, business cards & website), BFLA (Flyers & Blog), Fusion Fest (flyers and promotion), Unmata (flyers), Tribal Fest (ads, flyers), Cues & Tattoos (flyers, program). Send us an e-mail for info.

Further down the road . . .

Cues & Tattoos
March 26-30, 2014 in Seattle, WA

Amar and Sam will be teaching at Cues & Tattoos and co-hosting the EMERALD VARDO AfterParty featuring an exclusive lineup of dancers, More details to come soon. Workshop registration is now open. Amar is also offering Video services for the festival. Visit the Cues & Tattoos website for video order forms.

The Emerald Vardo 2014 Cues & Tattoos AfterParty will be featured as part of DJ Amar’s Cheb i Sabbah Tribute Tour, joined by Lady Ra and UNMATA.

Electric Vardo Tribal Fest AfterParty
May 16-17, 2014, Sebastopol, CA

Tribal Fest 2014 registrations
and AfterParty Tix on sale now.

AfterParty tix are on sale, with Special Early Bird discounts and bonuses.
The Official Tribal Fest AfterParty by Electric Vardo will take place on Friday and Saturday May 16 & 17.

Other things connected to us . . .

Music from Around the World – CDs and DVDs from my store and personal collection at my Amazon Store.

Classical Indian Music Albums and instructional video by G.S. Sachdev – Visit gssachdev.com for details.

Authentic loose-leaf chai made fresh to order from a traditional family recipe with a flavor reminiscent of the railway station chai-wallas in India. Available in Traditional Black or Naturally Caffeine Free Rooibos.

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