Tribal Tech Support launching at Tribal Fest!

DJ Amar and Calamity Sam will be providing technical services to dancers at festivals and events, kicking off at Tribal Fest this year. You will also find them (ok, Us 🙂 at Cairo Caravan in Long Beach and Fusion Fest in Boise this summer.

Visit the new site for details on the services. We are just starting out and will be building our service base as we see the need grow. We currently include music editing for your performance mixes, help with getting your tracks burned to CD to play at the festival, minor computer assistance, troubleshooting and repairs while you are at the festival, and more.


Come visit us at our vending table at Tribal Fest, where we will also be selling some hand made jewelry and costuming pieces by Calamity Sam. We will be vending together with The Plumed Serpent, so you will have an array of goodies to look at, and ask us any questions you have – or come to us for any assistance you may need with your music.

One of the items we will be selling at our vending tables is something we feel is important for every professional performer to have, and Especially instructors who travel teaching workshops. We will have cable packets for your ipods, smartphones, laptops or other music players to plug into sound systems. You should always keep one with you at a gig, one that you know will work. We will be offering 2 sets. The basic set is good quality, lightweight and reasonably priced at $5-6, which includes an ipod cable (stereo mini to rca) and an adapter so you are able to plug into an rca jack or ipod hookup. The Pro set will include a premium quality ipod cable that is designed especially for phones and ipods with covers, gold connectors and metal ends. The pro set will also include a pair of rca-1/4″ adapter plugs so that you can plug into an audio mixing board that does not have rca or stereo mini inputs. With this, you will be ensured of the highest quality sound coming from your player into the sound system. The pro set will be $10-12.

The cable sets can be ordered to be shipped as well. We will be receiving our first order for Tribal Fest in May, and will take pre-orders starting immediately to be picked up or shipped. Shipping cost will be an additional $3 within the US. If you live outside of the US, shipping costs may make it too costly. These are items you can get at an electronics store, though the ones I am purchasing have been tested and are of reputable quality. I am offering these because I feel the need to express the importance of using good quality cables and having your own, and want to encourage performers to be prepared for those times when you are at an event and the DJ forgets a cable or has one that is malfunctioning (this happens often), or arriving to class to find out that the studio cable is missing or broken. It’s a few bucks for peace of mind.

If you are needing help with mixing your music for your performance, I encourage you to contact us in advance. We will only be able to do a certain number of jobs during the week at Tribal Fest. To ensure our availability, please book as soon as you can. During the weekend, we will be there in case you need to burn your music to a CD (say, in case you forgot your CD or it cracked). We will have CDs on hand for you to purchase and burn yourself, or you can send us the music via email and we’ll burn a disc for you.

For updates to our services, and to contact us, please visit the Tribal Tech Support Web Page and send us an e-mail through the contact form.


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